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Milestone condo inspections professional engineers best” or condo milestone Inspections Palm Beach means a structural inspection of a building, including an inspection of load-bearing walls and the primary structural members and structural systems as defined in F.S. s. 627.706, by a licensed architect or engineer authorized to practice in this state to attest to the life safety and adequacy of the structural components of the building and, to the extent reasonably possible, determining the general structural condition of the building as it affects the safety of such building, including a determination of any necessary maintenance, repair, or replacement of any structural component of the building. The purpose of such condo inspection by professional engineers is not to determine if the condition of an existing building complies with the Florida Building Code or the fire safety code.

Substantial structural deterioration” means substantial structural distress negatively affecting a building’s general structural condition and integrity. The term does not include surface imperfections such as cracks, distortion, sagging, deflections, misalignment, signs of leakage, or peeling of finishes unless the licensed engineer or architect performing the phase one or phase two inspection determines that such surface imperfections are a sign of substantial structural deterioration.

condo inspections professional engineers

When a condominium building celebrates its 25-30th birthday, it must be inspected by an engineer or architect to ensure its structural integrity  (after the 40-year mark, buildings must also be recertified every ten years thereafter that ride, any building three stories or higher and within 3 miles of the coastline must get inspected starting at the 25th year of construction. The remainder of the condo buildings must be inspected starting their 30th birthday. The condo inspection professional engineers’ best palm beach structural inspections apply to all buildings except for single-family homes, duplexes, and buildings with an occupant load of 10 or less and 2,000 square feet.=

Phase One Condo Inspections Professional

When a building becomes forty years old, county or city code compliance officials send a Notice of Required Inspection to the property owner. Recertification dates are based on the Annie the original Building or Structure’s Certificate of Occupancy anniversary.

Highrise Condo Inspections Professional Engineers. What Do Inspections Include?

Licensed architects or condo inspections professional engineers must perform Condominium Inspections for structural safety. These experts look at many aspects of the building’s foundational and electrical systems, including foundation, roofing systems, masonry bearing walls, steel frames, flooring, concrete framing systems, windows, wood framing, loading, electrical service, branch circuits, conduit raceways, and emergency lighting.
What If I Do Not Receive a Notice for Inspection?
In some cases, owners of property that is 40 or more years old do not receive a Notice of Required Inspection. However, property owners are still responsible for obtaining the recertification. They are also responsible for having the building recertified every ten years following the initial recertification. If buildings are not recertified, owners can be liable for an accord accident or other incident.
Do you know someone who owns a building coming up on its 40th birthday? Have you received a letter from your municipality that is rg 40-year recertification? If so, we can complete the inspection and provide a thorough report for your building. Please share this information with your friends and family.

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Here are some common questions about the newly instituted Florida Milestone Inspections:

1. What is a Milestone Inspection?

a. Florida has now imposed a state-wide structural inspection program for condominium and cooperative associations three (3) stories or more in height, defined as a “milestone inspection.”

2. Who is responsible for complying?

a. Community association managers or management companies contractually hired by a condominium association subject to this inspection must comply with this section as directed by the board.

3. Are milestone inspections required for all buildings in Florida three (3) stories or more in height?

a. Milestone inspections must be performed by December 31 of the year the building reaches 30 years in age, based on the issue date of the building’s certificate of occupancy, and every ten years after that.

b. Buildings within 3 miles of the coastline must perform a milestone inspection by December 31 of the year they reach 25 years old, aoldry ten years later.

4. When has the State required the milestone inspections to begin?

a. Buildings with a certificate of occupancy issued on or before July 1, 1992, must have the initial milestone inspection performed before December 31, 2024.

b. All others follow the year based on the issue date of the building’s certificate of occupancy mentioned in question 3. 

5. Who is responsible for the cost of the milestone inspection?

a. Condominium and cooperative associations are responsible for the scheduling and costs associated with the milestone inspection.