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Florida New Milestone Inspections Phase One

Florida New Milestone Inspections Phase One

Florida new milestone inspections phase one are required for every residential and commercial building in Florida that is three stories or higher. 

If you own any such structure or are a member of the building association, you’re legally required to conduct timely Florida New Milestone inspections. And for that purpose, the laws need you to hire a structural engineer like EMA Structural Forensic Engineers licensed in the state of Florida. 

The engineers will visually assess all areas of your building and analyze its structural components for safety during a Florida New Milestone Inspections Phase One. And once the inspection is complete, they will provide you with a structural assessment report detailing their findings, professional opinions, and recommendations. 

It is possible that your building has structural problems, which will be detailed in the report, along with ways you can fix them. 

In fact, the structural building inspector can even refer construction contractors to carry out the impending repairs on your property. 

There you have it, milestone structural inspections simplified for your 40 year structural inspections palm beach

What are changes to Florida New milestone inspections? 

The Florida Condo milestone inspection Phase one & phase two Law consists of two phases. For phase one, a licensed architect or engineer performs a visual examination of a building, including its major structural components, and provides a qualitative assessment of the building’s structural condition. If no signs of substantial structural deterioration are found, then a phase two inspection is not required. “Substantial structural deterioration” means substantial structural distress that negatively affects a building’s general structural condition and integrity. It does not include surface imperfections (cracks, sagging, signs of leakage, peeling of finishes, etc.) unless they are a sign of substantial structural deterioration.

How do milestone structural inspections work? 

And if you’re wondering what the two-phase inspection is all about, here’s what it includes:

Phase one of the milestone inspection

The first phase is all about a visual inspection of your property by the structural engineer. Herein, the inspector assesses both the habitable and uninhabitable areas of your building.  

The very purpose of the first phase in Florida New milestone inspections phase one is to examine the qualitative aspect of the structure. So the engineer tries to find whether or not the structure is sound and safe for the building occupants. 

Phase two of the milestone inspection 

The second phase of a structural engineer inspection will only be conducted if the inspector/s finds signs of major damage during phase one. 

Also, the phase two inspection can even involve destructive testing, meaning the inspectors may tear down part of the structure. 

They do so to have a complete understanding of the extent to which your building’s structure is damaged. 

However, you can rest easy as the wear and tear is the least disruptive and can be easily repaired