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Forensic Engineers Florida

EMA Forensic Engineers Florida provides forensic and structural engineering services throughout Florida, including Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Clearwater, Daytona Beach, Melbourne, and Cocoa Beach, to provide the highest quality of engineering and expert witness services available. Our services include forensic damage inspections, structural damage assessments, roof damage inspections, fire damage inspections, structural building assessments, structural foundation collapse, and assessments.

Our forensic engineers in Florida provide cause and origin,  building defects, construction defects, damage investigations, site investigation, testing, technical research, and analysis of the information to provide our clients with an independent opinion on the cause of failure.

Collapse Analysis by Engineers Florida

Our team of experienced professionals offers the following areas of expertise:

– Forensic Building Defects by Forensic engineers.
– Collapse & Insurance Claims and Reports
– Structural Condition Assessments
– Discovery Assistance
– Second Opinion Structural & Forensic Inspections for Dispute Resolution
– Expert Witness & Testimonial

We provide structural damage assessment reports to insurance and adjuster clients for building failures, natural disasters, and failures due to under design. We also offer estimates for repairs based on original values and ASV. Whether the collapse is due to a design fault, natural disasters, poor structural design, or over-stressing, we can provide you with good enough reports to tell you the real problem.

Structural Damage Assessment by Forensic Engineers Florida

Structural building engineering includes all structural engineering related to the design of buildings. It is a branch of structural engineering closely affiliated with architecture.

Structural building engineering is primarily driven by the creative manipulation of materials and forms and the underlying mathematical and scientific ideas to achieve an end that fulfills its functional requirements and is structurally safe when subjected to all the loads it could reasonably be expected to experience. This is subtly different from architectural design, driven by the creative manipulation of materials and forms, mass, space, volume, texture, and light to achieve an aesthetic, functional, and often artistic end. (forensic engineers Florida)

The architect and forensic engineers are usually the lead designer of buildings, with a structural engineer employed as a sub-consultant. The degree to which each discipline leads the design depends heavily on the type of structure. Many structures, such as multi-story office buildings and housing, are structurally simple and guided by architecture. In contrast, other systems, such as tensile structures, shells, and gri, surfaces, depend heavily on their form for their strength. The engineer may have a more significant influence on the state, and hence much of the aesthetic, than the architect.

The structural design for a building must ensure that the installation can stand up safely and not collapse, thus enabling forensic engineers in Florida to find the cause of the collapse and be able to function without excessive deflections or movements which may cause fatigue of structural elements, cracking or failure of fixtures, fittings or partitions, or discomfort for occupants. It must account for actions and forces due to temperature, creep, cracking, and imposed loads. It must also ensure that the design is practically buildable within acceptable manufacturing tolerances of the materials. It must allow the architecture to work and the building services to fit within the building and function (air conditioning, ventilation, smoke extract, electrics, lighting, etc.). The structural design of a modern building can be extremely complex and often requires a large team to complete.

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