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New Milestone Inspections for Florida Condominiums

New milestone inspections for Florida condominiums three stories or taller are required by law SB-4D now. EMA is one of the leading engineering firms in Florida. A key focus of our firm is structural design, construction monitoring, threshold assessments and new condominium milestone assessments for Florida Condominiums phase one inspections similar to what is required by law. 

The company has worked on thousand of structural inspections related to construction defects and building collapses throughout Florida, Texas, Louisiana and is a top expert in identifying the issues that could cause a collapse.

The legislature has passed bill SB-4D, making it mandatory new milestone inspections for Florida condominiums, three stories and higher buildings to go through periodic milestone structural assessments to check the structural integrity of the buildings and has modified Florida Statutes Chapters 553, 718, 719 and 720.

The Bill established a statewide structural inspection program, requiring Condominium and Cooperative Associations to conduct Structural Inspections of their buildings and to perform Structural Integrity Reserve Studies in order to ensure that Condominium and Cooperative buildings are safe for continued use.

The company engineer has worked on numerous structural design projects, inspections, threshold work, structural assessments and investigations, structural peer review related to construction design defects and building collapses and is a top expert in identifying the issues that could cause costly repairs and building failures in the future.


The Phase One Milestone Inspection is key to ensuring a condominium association is taking the steps to identify any potential structural defects that may affect the condominium. 

It’s critical to hire a structural engineer with a long track record of forensic and structural inspections. That engineer will spend time in your building, looking at key areas of concern and determine if further inspections are necessary. 

The Phase One Milestone Inspection is required of every condominium three stories or taller in Florida built before 1992 or 2002, depending on location,  and must be filed with your local building department. 



After the Phase One Milestone Inspection, your structural engineer will determine if further investigation and additional intensive testing must be performed on your condominium .

The New Milestone Inspection for Florida Condominiums Phase two will further investigate issues found during the Phase One Milestone Inspection by performing substantial testing and analysis on those areas. The goal of this step will determine the extent of the underlying issue facing your building.

After the New Milestone Inspections for Florida Condominiums, you should have a comprehensive understanding of what needs to be done by your Condominium Association.







Milestone Inspections for Florida Condominiums

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