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Roof Structural Inspections Orlando Service is recognized by the roofing industry as a vital component of successful Roof Construction Management. Many vital areas of a roof installation are not visible for inspection upon completion and many times are already covered over before periodic site inspections can be made.

Full-time Quality Roof Inspection provides a set of ‘eyes’ during all phases of the installation. Critical areas such as fastening patterns of underlying insulation, mopping techniques, or glue application and drying times can be monitored for compliance with the contract documents and manufacturer’s standards.

Count On EMA for Roof Structural Inspections Orlando

EMA’s roof structural inspections by PE engineers provide extensive experience to observe all phases of a roof installation to ensure materials are in compliance with project documents. Prior to the start of work, our inspectors are provided specifications, drawings, shop drawings, and submittals. The inspector’s attendance at the Pre-Job Conference with respective contractual parties allows a thorough understanding of the system installation, set-up areas, and anticipated internal disruptions. The inspector generates Daily Roof Inspection Reports which delineate material and installation compliance, and document any unforeseen contingent items to the contract. Non-compliance issues are immediately addressed with the roofing contractor, design professional, or building owner to ensure proper installation of the specified roofing assembly.

The roof and roofing system are checked as part of a Professional Engineer during roof structural inspections. The roof keeps rain and other weather elements out of the home or building. The Professional Engineer evaluates the general condition of the roof during a roof inspection and estimates the remaining life on the roof. Evidence of past or present roof leakage is also assessed. The engineering report includes an expense analysis of any upcoming roof repair or replacement costs.

Most roofs are made of either asphalt, cedar, slate, or clay tile. If a building has a pitched roof, the roof can be viewed from the site. (It is not advisable to climb onto this type of roof during roof structural inspections as a means of checking it. Climbing on the roof can damage roof shingles, especially older shingles. A leakage problem can be created simply by walking on a pitched roof surface.)

Structural Roof Inspections by Licensed P.E

When the Professional Engineer finds that a roof leak, needs repairs, or will soon need replacement, an analysis of the needed repairs and replacement is provided in the roof inspections report. This helps you plan for any upcoming roof replacement.

Asphalt roof shingles are self-sealing. Lifting an asphalt roof shingle damages the seal. Roofing manufacturers will void a roof warranty if they determine the damage was caused by such a roof inspection on the roof.

Our Professional Engineers determine the condition of the roof by visual examination. If a Home Inspector needs to walk on the roof or lift the shingles, you should ask; Why can’t this Home Inspector determine the condition of the roof visually?  Can’t this Home Inspector see that the roof shingles are old?

In some cases, it is not possible to safely observe the roof before or during a roof inspection. If the roof is not visible, we use available satellite images of the roof to assess the roof inspections. This includes historical satellite images, which can allow the roof history to be determined.

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