Structural Inspections

Structural Inspections Orlando & Daytona

EMA can provide structural inspections for the following cases

Structural Inspections of Foundation

Structural inspections masonry

Structural inspections of concrete & steel structures

Structural 40 Year recertification inspections

structural building inspections

Project construction inspections.
Hurricane damage Inspections
Special buildings Inspection
Quality Assurance Inspections
Structural damage Inspections
Fire Damage Inspections
Residential/Commercial Inspections
Structural Sinkhole Inspections

Structural Inspections During Construction

Flood Inspections Retaining Structures

Foundation damage inspections

building damage inspections

soil erosion cause & origin

Roof Damage Inspections

Hurricane damage Inspections

Wind Damage Inspections
Threshold Inspections
Forensic Inspections
School Inspections
Tree Damage Inspections
Structural Framing Inspections
Structural Shoring Inspections

structural inspections Orlando & Daytona
Structural Inspections Florida


Structural forensic roof inspections, quality control monitoring, and proper inspection of a roofing system will provide an excellent water-tight roof. It is essential to keep an eye on the roofing system’s condition at the right time to find damage to the roof. No roof system can be expected to give long-term performance with attention and care. Too frequently, ceilings are forgotten. Most problems begin in a small way and, if left u, detected, develop into a more expensive need for repairs.

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